This is a WORD?

Weird-word O

Obduracy: Stubbornness, Persistance.

stubbornness… my mind is showing ‘obduracy’ by not telling me what to write. This is a self explanatory word. It is not to hard to pronounce either ob-dur-a-cy. Say a word out loud a few times and it helps you remember. It is funny, all these words are just substitutes for saying something like “that person is stubborn” (Obduracy) or “that horse just attempted to get its rider off” (Estrapade), instead of saying “that person is showing obduracy” or “that horse just attempted an estrapade”.



weird-word N

Napiform: Shaped like a turnip.

What is shaped like a turnip? I don’t know! whoever came up with this word must have been blind, weird, or kinda stupid. I think there should be more than one shape that is like a turnip for there to be a word about it. It is weird to know words that dont apply

weird-word M

Macilent: lean, excessively thin.

That is a good word to know. I dont like it when people try to be macilent. It looks weird. starved, not attractive! easy to remember too Mac-i-lent.


waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to thin

weird-word N

nelipot: someone who walks without shoes

That would hurt your feet. I might use it “that person is nelipot” but that does not exactly sound right. some of these are hard! I think its weird that people use these words. I wonder who invented it? this one is easy to pronounce nel-i-pot.


Misodoctakledist: Someone who hates practicing piano

THATS ME! sometimes…………..

I don’t like practicing most of the time. This one is hard to pronounce mis-o-doc-tak-led-ist. I know i will be using this for a long time! Piano practicing takes SOOOOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!

I would use this like “she is a mesodoctacledist”.


weird-word L

Lethologica: The inability to recall a precise word for something.

Some of those words are horrible. I think those are annoying because you want to say something but cant have the word. Imagine being in a very important conversation and doing that. You could use it like, “oh my god i have lethologica about this word!”


Knismesis: Light tickling

That is the worst kind of tickling. I tested it on my friend. She cringes and says “stop it stop it stop it stop it” before i even touch her. I guess you could use it like “I hate knismesis”. The best thing to do is avoid knismesis. It could be useful if you want to shorten “light tickling”. Pronounced: Knis-mes-is.

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